Properties can be found by price, bedrooms, size and other attributes as is the case on other real estate sites. Propertypoint is unique in that users can navigate and view properties on a map to locate and display properties by location and search criteria.

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Property Point provides many features which make finding properties easier and more productive. These include:


Properties can be found by either searching for attributes (price, rooms, etc) and/or by navigating the map. There are options for a quick search or advanced searches. Found properties are displayed in both list and map form.


With Propertypoint’s interface you can quickly navigate between groups of properties as well as control the number of listings. To view property details position the mouse over the desired property on the map, thumb nail or listing number. Property details are conveniently highlighted on both the map and in the list.


Properties of interest can be ranked, annotated and saved to your favorites.

You can also create a “check list” to list items you may be looking for in a property (i.e. big kitchen, garage and view).

Once added to your favorites you can search for and display these properties. The system also remembers your favorites so you can return at your leisure and review the properties you have ranked. After all, finding the right property is rarely accomplished in one day.


The Notify Me feature allows you to be automatically notified through email on a daily basis as new properties matching your search criteria become available.